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We proudly serve residential and commercial properties in Round Rock and its surrounding areas.
Centex Water Systems install only the highest quality, state of the art, water softeners and water filtration systems. They are 100% made in the USA, NSF-44 certified, meeting all plumbing codes, with a lifetime warranty!

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Do you have questions about the quality of your water?

  • Does your water taste and smell bad?
  • Are you concerned about contaminants in your water?
  • Do have spots on your dishes you can’t get rid of?
  • Does your water leave your laundry feeling stiff and scratchy?

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Here’s A Dirty Little Secret

Texas has the 6th hardest water in the US and most Texas cities have hard water problems.

If you’re like a lot of your neighbors in Central Texas, you’re tired of drinking water with chlorine or other chemicals in it. You’ve tried using water filtration systems before but they never worked for you!

Imagine having pure, clean drinking water every time you turn on your faucet. Water so pure and healthy, you can drink it right from the tap without worrying about harmful contaminants like chlorine or heavy metals getting into your body. And imagine being able to use less soap because there are no impurities left behind anymore after washing dishes or clothes.

Conditioned Water <1 gpg
Moderately Hard 1-3.5 gpg
Hard 3.5-7 gpg
Very Hard 7-10.5 gpg
Extremely Hard > 10.5 gpg
Centex Water Systems Provides Benefits You Can See and Taste
  • Clean, fresh, pure tasting water on demand
  • Get rid of hard water stains and hard water damage to your fixtures and appliances
  • Use less soap, shampoo, and cleaning products by 50%
  • Smoother skin, softer hair
  • Dishes come out of the dishwasher sparkling clean
  • No more scale build up in your coffee maker
  • Increase water heater efficiency by 30% and extend the life of your water appliances

Why Choose Centex Water Systems?

Lifetime Warranty

Centex water softener systems come with a lifetime warranty for their mineral tank, brine tank shell, and control valve against manufacturer defects.

Financing Available

Centex works with commercial and residential customers to develop custom payment plans as needed.

Free First-Year Workmanship Guarantee

The first year, your water softener and filtration system should function properly or it will be repaired for no cost.


Annual Maintenance Program

Maintain your water softener and filtration system and keep it lasting at maximum capacity as long as possible.

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